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Surveying and Geomatics


This course helps you ace the exams in Surveying and Geomatics. It is also helpful for competitive exams such as GATE.


About This Course

Course contents

Principles; Linear; Angular and Graphical methods; Survey stations; Survey lines ranging; Bearing of survey lines; Levelling; Plane table surveying; Difference in levelling; Errors in levelling; Countouring; Areas and volumes


SurThis course is recommended for Civil engineering and relevant students.

Course Staff

Hemanth Ramineni

Senior Professor in Department of Civil Engineering, Glossaread University

Chandan Mishra

Assistant Professor in Department of Civil Engineering, Glossaread Unversity

Frequently Asked Questions

Which university is this course made for?

This course helps any university in India because common syllabus is covered. You can filter by your university to find the topics relevant to your subject.

My university is not listed in filter. What should I do?

Don't worry. Almost all the topics in every Indian university are covered in the master course.

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  4. Course Length

    15 weeks